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Competition Teams

Students ages 5 and up are welcome to auditions for our Recreational and Competitive dance teams to be held in the Spring.
We will have an additional audition in June for students unable to make the first date.

Please contact our office about specifics and to sign up. Summer enrollment is required of all Team Members, as well as "Jump Start" the first week of September.  Competition teams are designed for students that would like to participate on our teams to perform and compete.  Elite Dance Co does not make the primary focus on the competitive/must win overalls aspect.  Our goal is to teach how members learn to work as a team, self confidence and furthering the performance skills needed to transfer a student from a classroom dancer to a performer.  Our teams do very well winning high point awards, but our goal is a safe and fun experience!  

We will attend 4-5 competitions in the Spring with 2 optional competitions for Solos, Duets and Trios. National and any additional Regional competitions are optional. Team members will also have the opportunity to perform at local events and parades as well as a team bonding "lockin" held in January/February.

Please contact the office for more info, pricing and expectations form.  

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