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Q and A

Many times, when a student begins a new activity, there are questions. We have included many of those FAQ’s. If your question is not listed, please see our office. We want you to be informed.


Q: My child has had previous dance training, but is new to your program. How should I determine the level and class to enroll in?

A: By answering a few questions, we will determine the best class. If after the first few classes we feel your child would receive benefit from a different level class we will recommend it. This will save you the cost of an audition class. If you prefer, we have a class audition fee for $20 and can be scheduled with the office.


Q: What is your attendance policy and do you offer make up classes?

A: Attendance is crucial to a positive experience in dance education. Each class builds on the previous class. When a teacher is working on choreography, it is important for all the students to attend class regularly. If a teacher needs to continually review, the entire class is slowed down and the entire class suffers. If you must miss, please call. We offer make up classes within our schedule and you may request to make the class up within 2 weeks of the missed class. If a student misses three consecutive classes without notification from a parent or guardian, (s)he will be dropped from the class. His or her spot may or may not be available upon return. If a class is not made up in a timely manner, it is forfeited. There will be no refunds or credits for missed classes.

Q: Do you evaluate the progress of a student to determine if (s)he should be moved to a higher or lower level?

A: Absolutely! If we feel a child will benefit from a different level of instruction, we will contact you to let you know. The first year, the student is introduced to the dance syllabus. It may take between 1-2 additional years for the teacher(s) to feel that the student has reached a level of mastery. At that time the student would then be moved to a higher level class. Only in rare circumstances would a student be placed into a lower level class.


Q: Is there a refund if a student drops a class?

A: We will refund unused tuition if a student has a note from a doctor or is relocating out of the area. Otherwise a credit will be issued to your account and can be used in the next session.  Accounts with unused balances will be forfeited after 12 months. Costume monies are not refundable. Once a costume(s) has been ordered, we cannot cancel with the costume houses. You will not receive a refund for costumes. Costumes are a final sale.


Q: Do you adhere to your age requirements?

A: YES! Students are grouped according to age, maturity and physical capabilities. It is unreasonable to expect a young student to technically perform, or act emotionally, several years beyond their age. We are professional educators and therefore, our class age levels are held to strict standards.


Q: Your studio floors are raised. Why?

A: The studio floors were built for professional standards. The floors are raised approximately 6” with 4” high density foam blocks every foot under the bracing of the entire floor. They are then covered with ¾ inch plywood and marley (solid vinyl) dance flooring. This type of flooring ensures the longevity of a dancer’s body and joints. The floors have “give” for jumps, leaps and the workout a dancer’s body receives. They are considered the “state of the art” in flooring.

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