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What Family's are Saying... and we couldn't be more proud!

"I have two daughters who have been dancing at Elite for 7 and 8 years. They started in recreational classes at very young ages and now dance on the competitive team! The studio is very organized and the communication is wonderful. They have both learned so much from their dance family besides just dance. They truly love being at the studio and have made long lasting friendships."   -Laura S. (2024)

"I have been a part of the dancing community since I was 3 years old. I’ve had my fair share of studios that were welcoming and some that took away my passion as a dancer. I was blessed to have crossed paths with Kelli, the owner and Director of Elite when I was putting together a fundraiser for my daughter’s preschool. It immediately felt like home walking into the studio, it’s so immaculate, well cared for, and beautiful. Kelli and I spoke for quite some time and it wasn’t too long into our conversation that I realized this is where I needed to move my daughter to for her dancing career.

The staff at Elite are incredible, so much knowledge, passion, and care for all ages of the kids. My daughter started off at Elite very shy and timid. She didn’t have the luxury of being with such inviting teachers and kind peers up until that point. It only took a year under our new home before my daughter transformed not just with her skills and technique as a dancer, but who she was as a little girl. She really wanted to join teams and worked hard to get a chance on the team. She was only 5 when she joined, but it made so much difference.
Elite changed so much for my daughter. She has learned independence, discipline, time management, patience, confidence, and found her place. She’s a completely different kid and her confidence on the stage speaks this. I am so grateful for all the time, support, and dedication Elite provides to their students. Being at Elite personally has repaired my relationship as a dancer and mother, the kindness and love that circulates at this studio goes a long way. The other students are so nice and parents as well. It’s safe to say Elite is stuck with our family for the years to come! :)"   -Clarissa W. (2024)

"My daughters have been attending Elite for 13 and 9 years respectively. We all love it! The staff truly cares for each and every dancer, they only use age appropriate music and costumes, and you can purchase most dance attire and get fitted for shoes on site. Competition team is fun and striving for excellence without the cut throat attitude you see in some other studios. Highly recommended!" -Melissa R. (2024)

"My daughter is entering into her 14th year with Elite Dance company and her 12th year on their competitive team. At this studio she has found her family away from family. The kids and their love of dance binds them together and they want to spend as much time together as possible doing what they love! My daughter has learned proper technique at this studio which has been recognized outside of the studio within her at-school dance companies and has allowed her to become a dance leader within her high school."   -Leann Z.  (2024)

"Our granddaughter has been dancing at this studio for 9 years. We have had all good experiences with the is very professional and the staff truly cares about the dancers, their progress and well-being"    -Michael S  (2024)

"We love Elite Dance! The staff is amazing and the studio has a wonderful philosophy behind it. We are extremely happy here!"    -Alison K (2024)

"This dance company has created a family and community atmosphere that I have never seen in any other dance school! The team cares about each and every child, and they create amazing experiences for all. They also have incredibly talented and experienced staff to help with sophisticated choreography, in addition to a balance of fun! We are so happy we switched to this dance company!"    -Jocelyn S  (2024)

"Simply put - we love it at Elite!! Our daughter has been dancing at Elite since she was 1.5 years old and just celebrated her 5 year anniversary as a student. She has also been a member of the Competition Team for the past 2 seasons. Elite is our second home and Kelli, Laura, and all the other teachers are our second family.  The whole Elite team are so welcoming, knowledgeable, talented, and caring. They foster an environment that keeps the focus on the love of dance. I have and do recommend Elite to anyone looking to dance!"    -Jennifer H  (2024)

"My daughter has been dancing at Elite dance since she was 3. She started recreationally and is now on their competitive team. There are so many reasons we come back each year, but what I appreciate the most is the amazing and dedicated teachers who inspire her to work hard to achieve her goals and to do her best both on stage and as a team member."    -Rachel G  (2024)

All 3 of my kids have been coming here for their dance lessons and then for their dance team for years. Great facility, great staff and teachers and a great owner. I highly recommend!    -Brent K  (2024)

We came to Elite 7 years ago after taking a couple years off from dance (at a different studio). My 2 girls instantly felt at home with the teachers and dancers at Elite. Now, all three of our kids dance here and my girls are a part of the competitive team. Elite is truly a second home for them and everyone there is family. My kids have grown so much and not just in their dancing skills. It’s truly been amazing to watch how their time at Elite has and continues to shape them as more confident and capable human beings. I know that this is thanks to the environment the studio director (Ms. Kelli) and her staff foster with their teaching. I highly recommend Elite Dance Company to any present and future dancers!    -Stephanie K  (2024)

"Had the pleasure of meeting Kelli at a comp. in Lemont. Great insight, professionalism, and care. The dancers, moms and staff were polite, considerate, and complimentary. The art they put on stage was tasteful, respectful and proper. Amazing story telling and talent. It was a pleasure...***Team Relevé***"    -Matthew B (2023)

"My daughter's home away from home! The teachers and staff are nurturing and really care about the kids. Communication with the parents is thorough which I really appreciate since we're involved with the competition team as well as technique classes. All of the kids and parents really get along also!"    -Erin S.  (2023)


"What can I say, but THANK YOU!  Ms Kelli, you pour your heart into your business and we are so thankful to be at your studio!  Thank you for everything you do! We just love walking into your studio and feeling like we're family!"  -Sam P.  (2021)

"We found Elite during COVID and although it wasn't the year we expected, we loved what Ms Kelli and her staff did for my daughter.  We are so glad to be at this studio!"  Sarah P. (2019)

"My daughters absolutely love their classes at Elite Dance Co!  I never have to bribe like I had in the past with xxxx (another local studio) where she just didn't feel like she was a part of something.  The teachers are so wonderful at Elite! They actually care about their students and we are lucky to have found them!!!  Jen T. (2019)


Previous years students 

"Thanks for everything you have done for my 2 girls. They've improved a lot in dance & still got all A's in school. We are so thankful that we found the best dance studio, not just teaching perfect skills & technique but teaching good moral values and discipline .    -Joseph & Neila E.

"It's refreshing to be at a studio that promotes dancing and the love of dance and not have it just be about the studio making money!"  -Sue W.

"I felt a need to say how well you keep us informed and updated - kudos! I am proud and pleased that I am able to give a little something  back to your organization that strives to do so much for our kids for so little. Please use anything I have ever written or said. Thank you!"    -Anders T.

"What a SHOW and YEAR this was!!!!  We are so impressed with what you do for your students!! Thank you for everything! We look forward to what is to come for our dancers!"  -Leni R  

"Hi Kelli,  I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful show on Saturday.  I know how much work goes into something like this and while I couldn't find you Saturday at the end of the show to thank you, I couldn't let another day go by without telling you.  So Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU!! 

I have expressed many times how important it was for us to find a studio like Elite, that encourages young girls/women, what true dancing is and the importance of self worth without having students dress offensively.  Thank you for giving our daughter the chance to do just that. She has grown so much in the past year and we are truly sad to be leaving the area. We will miss seeing you all on Saturday mornings.

I promised, a very tearful Sophie, that I would find a studio with similar values as soon as we were in the Milwaukee area.  If there is a studio or two you would recommend please let me know." 


I wish you all the best at Elite and all of your endeavors! 

Many thanks and blessings,

~Trisha B.

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