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 Ballet ~ The Backbone of Dance

Ballet classes are offered to students beginning at age 3 and up. The roots of Classical Ballet can be traced back hundreds of years to France & Italy. Since ballet is the basis for all dance forms, all students are encouraged to take ballet . Our goal is to develop a disciplined dancer through barre, center floor practice and combinations suited to age and ability while developing body strength, self assurance, poise and grace. Ballet is required of all students desiring to participate on our EDC Dance Teams.


 Pre-Pointe & Pointe 1 & 2

Students will only be permitted to enroll at the discretion of the instructor. Students already en pointe transferring into Elite Dance Co. will be required to take a placement class before being permitted to continue pointe work.  Students en pointe must take at least 2 ballet classes, but 3 is encouraged. 

 Jazz ~ Stylistic and Energetic

Jazz classes are offered to students grades K-High School. Jazz roots come from ballet and modern. Jazz styles are ever changing and are adaptable to past and current music. Students gain flexibility, strength, balance and control of movement. Routines are taught based on ability levels. Ballet is strongly recommended.

 Lyrical  &  Contemporary

Lyrical and Contemporary dance emphasizes strong line and emotional feeling while telling a story. Lyrical combines the grace of ballet and the strength and flexibility of Jazz and Modern. Ballet is required and Jazz is recommended. 


Students may start Modern class in the fourth grade. Modern teaches spatial awareness, use of center core strength and control of movement.  Modern is not for the beginner student and Ballet is required.

 Tap ~ The Rhythm Teacher

Tap is offered to students starting at 4 years old and up. Starting in America in the 19th century with roots in Africa and Ireland, tap has become increasingly popular with students of all ages. Tap is also a great form of exercise especially for those with limited capability. It is energetic and produces endurance, balance and stamina as well as musicality. Tap has its own vocabulary and combines rhythm of footwork and clarity of sounds, patterns and progressions from the entry level to the advanced student.  

 Hip Hop

Available to students Pre-K through High School. Hip Hop is an energetic free form, street style of dance. Music is carefully screened for lyrics and content.

 Musical Theater

Available to students Kindergarten and up. Class content will be based on Broadway musicals, movies and staged musicals. Students will learn how to act, lip sync, sing and dance using props and scenery.

 Jumps, Turns 

The Jumps, Turns and Tricks class is intended for dancers at Level 2 and above. The class is taught so that dancers work at their own level. This class gives the dancer the time to perfect the more unique and difficult jumps, turns and tricks that the normal class time does not allow for.  

 Strength & Flexibility 

This class is intended to help students with endurance, balance and stamina needed for high energy dance, as well as the flexibility needed for the more controlled styles like ballet, lyrical and modern.  Student learn how to stretch properly and safely!   This class is required of all students desiring to participate on our EDC Dance Teams.

 Mom N Me (1.5-2.5 years)

For students that love to dance in a FUN and social environment with Mom (or any adult figure)  The core of this class is gross motor skill development & coordination such as jumping, hopping and galloping. Incorporated are the social skills as in taking turns and learning to cooperate in a group. Musical awareness, rhythm and movement are taught through playing make believe.  This class will get our students ready for the next step, but aren't quite ready to be without Mom!

 Tiptoe Tots (2.5-4 years)

This class is a big hit with the 3 yr. olds but does not include “Mommy”. The emphasis in FUN and the focus is placed on early physical and social development. The core of this class is gross motor skill development & coordination such as jumping, hopping, galloping and the very basics of Ballet. Incorporated are the social skills as in taking turns and learning to cooperate in a group. Musical awareness, rhythm and movement are taught through playing make believe. (First few weeks are ran as a trail to make sure students are ready to be in a class without a parent)

 Tutus n Taps (4-5 years)

This class structure is geared to the preschool and young 5 year old student. It moves at a faster change of pace to match the attention span of the young student. Very basic fundamentals suited to this age will be taught in tap and ballet along with song, dance and circle dances. The objective of this class is to teach fundamentals of pre - ballet and tap while socially integrating the students in cooperation, taking turns, self control and taking direction.

 Primary Ballet & Tap (K-1st grade)

Students learn the basics of rhythm and enjoyment of creative dance movement through Ballet and Tap. The basics of barre will be introduced. In addition, emphasis on developing self-confidence, poise, balance, coordination and social skills are stressed. Correct dance terminology is taught as the students learn proper technique. Memorization skills are developed through learning simple dance routines. These classes are offered to Kindergarten-1st grade students.

 Ballet & Tap Combination (K-1 & 1-2 grades)

These classes are designed for students with little or no dance experience who show an interest in dance, but have not yet developed a focus on a particular dance form. The classes combine dance forms to build knowledge of each as they move into our more intensive levels. As we refine the basics of technique, we stress memorization of skills and terminology in each dance form. Dance routines will be taught in both ballet and tap.

 Ballet & Lyrical Combination (1-2 grades)

This class is designed to give the beginning student an opportunity to try different dance forms in one class. Students will learn the fundamentals of ballet & lyrical through barre, center floor work and progressions. Dance routines will be taught in both forms to incorporate their technique. 

Competition Teams

Students ages 5 and up are welcome to auditions for our Recreational and Competitive dance teams to be held in April. We will have an additional audition in June for students unable to make the first date. Please contact our office about specifics and to sign up. Competition teams are designed for students that would like to participate on our teams to perform and compete. Elite Dance Co does NOT focus on the competitive aspect as much as learning to work as a team, self confidence and furthering the performance skills needed to transfer a student from a classroom dancer to a performer.

We will attend 4-5 competitions in the Spring. National competitions are optional. Team members will also have the opportunity to perform at local events and parades.

Our Class Sizes

Class size is vital to achievement. Extremely large classes allow for only minimal individual student-teacher time. Elite Dance Co. limits class size to allow plenty of time for individual correction and compliments. We believe if a student feels important, he or she will begin to achieve their potential. Our Tiptoe Tot class sizes are limited to 10.   

Student Concerts

Winter Show

Our winter show is a highlight to the end of the year before winter break, the first or second weekend in December.  All students participate and is a low key event to help our students get used to the stage before our big production in June.  Costuming is provided by EDC or general items most students own home.  (black leggings, scarf, etc) 
Winter Show Fee: $45 per student/costume rental*  Fee includes costume rental and recording of performance.  (Students providing own costume, fee is reduced to $25)

June Student Concert

Our dance year culminates in a year end concert held at the beginning of June, and all students are invited to participate. The concert gives our students the opportunity to perform on a stage in a professional setting. They will perform a dance piece for each class they are enrolled in.  This is a very exciting time of year for everyone. Our concert stage is set with professional lighting and scenery. Although the student concert is not mandatory, all participating students are required to attend dress rehearsal. Costumes and tickets are not included in the class tuition.  
Student Concert Fee is : $65  ($20 per additional student) and will include a concert shirt and recording of performance 
Costume Fees for June Concert: $65/75 per class 
(Winter Show and Student Concert Fees/Costume Fees are due in November and are non-refundable)

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