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Are all Dance Studios the Same?

Compare all your options and see why Elite Dance Co is the Right Choice for your Family!


SMALL CLASS SIZES!                                                                  x

It's very important to keep classroom sizes smaller to make the learning environment ideal for the different levels. Dance is more FUN when your teacher gives their students their time!  Could we fill our classes with 20+ kids?  Sure!  But we wont! 

LARGE, OBSTRUCTION-FREE STUDIOS!                                     x  

Our 3 Spacious Dance Rooms are Equipped with THE BEST Flooring for Dance Training!  Our studios are constructed with “floating” Marley Dance Floors to reduce the risk of injuries and allowing student to dance longer without tiring.  All 3 rooms are obstruction-free allowing for a SAFE dance space!


OBSERVATION WINDOWS!                                                     x

Each of our studios have windows and parents/visiting family are welcome to watch their students progress.  No need to wait for a “Parent Watch Week” to see your child's progress!


PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS!                                                        x

Our teachers are Professionals and many with College Degrees in Dance, Performing and Experienced in developing strong dancers with PROPER Technique!  We do not just hire people that “like to dance”.  Our Teachers know HOW students learn and teach their students to the best of their abilities. 


FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE!                                                x

Customer Service is KEY!  We are here to assist you during all teaching hours, every day to help and answer any questions or concerns you might have!


AFFORDABLE WINTER SHOW!                                                   x

All students have the opportunity to participate in our LOW COST, yet professional Winter Show held in December!  NO Auditions for this FUN and ENTERTAINING Show!  It's a Family Favorite kicking off the holiday season!!!


HASSLE-FREE STUDENT CONCERTS!                                            x

Professionally Staged, Low Pressure, Year-End Student Concerts for ALL students!


AGE APPROPRIATE MUSIC/COSTUMING!                                   x                      

We feel VERY strongly about protecting our kids youth.  You will NEVER see our students in inappropriate costuming nor dancing to suggestive music.  We pride ourselves on making sure Elite Dance Co is a SAFE program!


FUN, LOW-STRESS COMPETITION TEAMS!                                 x

We realize that some students want the extra experience of performance and competition teams.  Here at Elite Dance Co, we provide students (and their families) with a FUN, AFFORDABLE and LOW-STRESS program! 

Our Mission:

To provide students of all ages with the skills they need to enjoy dance and build lifetime positive memories.

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